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something to do if you're bored...

You are Nick! You are the frontman for the band!
You're one popular guy. You're fun and easy
going, and all in all a pretty cool guy. You're
no stranger to partying, and are full of energy
on stage. You like hair bands and don't want to
be a lifer, and everyone respects you for it.
Rock on!

Which Strangers with Candy Member Are You?
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You are Nick! You are the frontman of the band.
You're shy and quiet, and you love to drink.
You sing with all your heart and soul, and your
lyrics touch the hearts of all your fans.
You're humble and caring, and to your fans, you
are a god. Everyone loves Nick. And if they
don't, they'll get an asskicking for it.

What Member of myDownfall are you?
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